Apr 28, 2011

Brewster The Rooster

Did any of you struggle with poor eye site as a child?  I did and I remember hiding my glasses in my desk and only pulling them out for brief moments so I could quickly look at the chalk board and then slide them back into my desk.  I was embarrassed by them to such an extent that my parents got me contacts by sixth grade.

Brewster is a rooster with an award winning Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!  Only problem is he's having a hard time discerning when the sun is coming up!  Luckily there is a smart little girl and a Rooster Optician that find a way to help him out!

Devin Scillian has written a bunch of books and I'm sure if you visit his page you'll find some that you've already read.  His writing is superb and you all know what a sucker I am for great rhyming books!   Lee White has done illustrations for this and other books that I've loved like Crazy Day at the Critter Cafe and The House Takes a Vacation.

So clear your throat and get ready to crow with your kiddos!

Apr 20, 2011

Say Hello to Zorro!

I was having trouble figuring out how to describe this book to all of you.  I was finally able to sum it all up in one sentence!  Are you ready for it?  Here it is...

Carter Goodrich, you owe me BIG!

Every stinkin' night I tell my three beautiful, little cherubs, "Go pick out your story." (translation: Ready, Set, Go FIGHT!)

Every stinkin' night within seconds of me uttering the above sentence, I tell those same three little cherubs, "Okay, okay!  Calm down!" (translation: Who ever is the loudest will win!)

Every stinkin' night, my three cherubs are FIRMLY told, "Now, you three get along!" (translation: I'm cracking please don't stop until I agree to read Say Hello To Zorro three times tonight!)

Every stinkin' night, I tell my three, "Would you guys knock it off?!" (translation: You did it!  I cracked! Say Hello To Zorro, three times in a row, here we come!)

Mister Bud has his very own schedule too!  His is sane and calm and wonderful until, like us, his schedule becomes quite more chaotic when Zorro comes along.
I'd urge you not to even bring this one home to your kids but you'd do it anyway!  The curiousity that is already building inside you will eventually win!  As you sit there reading, you are already wondering, Are the illustrations awesome? (YES!)  Her kids are crazy, I don't think mine would act that way with this book.(Oh they WILL!)  Easter's just around the corner, I need one more Easter Bunny treat for my youngest. (Buy one for all of them or you'll regret it!)  
In the end we all have to admit that if it is a good enough book for three children of different ages to all fight over, it's a keeper!

Until next time,well, just pray that my kids will let me read them another book so there will be a next time!

Apr 13, 2011

Dirty Joe the Pirate

Ahoy thar!  I be havin' a sea dog tale to share wi' ye today!  One that makes me yo ho ho from hade t' toe!  Ere wi' a big lassie will surely enjoy th' hilarity o' this an' ere who BE a big lassie will love th' truth o' 't!  I be th' latter o' these two squadrons an' can' tell ye that when I saw "A True Story" written on th' co'er I didna b'lieve 't at first.  I be havin' read this ten times in th' past two days an' I can promise that th' moral o' this story be as trues as 't gets! Ya Scurvy Dogs!
(I had a little help with my Pirate Language from Pirate Speak) 

Bill Harley and Jack E. Davis did an excellent job putting together this incredible pirate story!!  The rhyme and flow of Bill Harley's story is so much fun!  The illustrations by Jack E. Davis are hilarious and bright!! 

I honestly can't help but laugh every time I read the moral of the story on the last page.  I'm sure that is how my little brothers used to/still do feel.  I wold tell you what I'm talking about but it will ruin the fun and surprise of it for ya!

Well, back to scrubbin' the poop deck, AAARGH!

Apr 7, 2011


(Not sure if this is an apology or an announcement!)

So I realize that I haven't blogged in a while.  I knew that I'd have to pick a really amazing book to share in order to gain your forgiveness for my extended absence.  This is the proverbial white flag...that doesn't sound right.  Hmmm, is it fig leaf? olive branch?  Anywho...at my daughter's book fair a few weeks ago, I grabbed this book.  It gets read EVERY night!  The way the author, Ned Young, writes is so familiar...almost as if he has listened in on my conversations with my kids for the past couple years!

This is the section where I tell you what my favorite part is.  My favorite part is when they play...um no, it is where Zoomer has a contest to see...wait, wait.....it's when Zoomer builds a huge...no, it's actually when he launches a...oh crud...I really can't pick a favorite part.  I LOVE IT ALL! 

It appears that Zoomer is on to bigger and better adventures as well because you can also get Zoomer's Summer Snowstorm.  Yes, I am gonna use my Barnes and Noble gift card on it!  So worth it!