May 25, 2011

Bug and Bear

A Story of True Friendship
This book is so adorable you are just gonna wanna hug it!

Several years ago my brothers and I were playing a game and they had to pick the saying that best described me and they chose, "Grumpy as a Bear!".  Maybe they were right because I could really relate to Bear in this story.  This story reminds me of a mom and her child.  Bug wants so desperately to play and Bear wants so desperately to nap!

My kids love the pictures in this book and I think they are spectacular as well.  They are very animated and yet soothing.  Seems impossible that they could be both, right?  Yet Layn Marlow manages to pull it off! 

Like I said before, this book is beyond precious!  Ann Bonwill teaches the value of friendship while keeping little ones entertained.  Plus every time we turn to the last page my kids all go, "Aaaah."  What can I say?  It's that cute!

Please don't just take my word for it...go get it and decide for yourself!

May 18, 2011


***Oops, I thought that I had posted this first book last week.  However, my "smart" phone let me down.  So you lucky people get TWO books this week!***

So I will tell you right now that this book may not apply to everyone's family.  However, I can't resist telling you all about it.  Hopefully you'll never need a book like this but maybe you will or maybe you have a dear friend who will.  Even if it helps even one person from me posting this it will be worth it.  

It is about a mom who is being treated for cancer.  Julie Aigner Clark (think Baby Einstein) has written how despite all the pain and sickness that goes along with cancer there are bright beautiful moments too.  I am often called "cold hearted" in my home because unlike my husband I don't cry during most movies or touching commercials.  That being said, I had to pause while I was reading this so I could regain my composure and I'm getting misty just writing this post and thinking about this amazing book.

Jana Christy's illustrations are so incredible!  They are as soothing and comforting as the words that are written next to them.

So the most important thing to remember is, make sure you have a box of Kleenex close when you read this!

I love Carolyn Crimi, I mean who doesn't!  Rhyming, wild, silly stories that kids and parents just cannot resist!  Principal Fred Won't Go To Bed is really no different.  Poor Fred can't find his teddy bear and so he can't go to sleep.  My kids loved finding the bear hiding out in the book and I felt relieved to know that it is okay to sleep with a stuffed animal even when you're the adult!

Donald Wu is an excellent artist and I loved the pictures.

Plus my favorite comment of the night, courtesy of my cute little first grader:
"Mom, do you think my teacher has a teddy bear?"
"Probably not sweety, it's just a story."
"But her boss does huh?  Cause Principal's are the boss!"

Sweet Dreams!!