Oct 19, 2010

Pumpkin Eye

Have you been waiting for the perfect Halloween story for your little ones?  May I present, Pumpkin Eye!

I don't mind that my children fight over who gets to have this read to them at night.  Once I get them to calm down I lovingly explain that I will read it to each of them once.  That means that story time for me will be over in record time since it is such a short fun read and they will all be HAPPY because they got their favorite book.  It's a win all the way around.

This fun, fast, rhyming story with its colorful and spooky illustrastions is by Denise Fleming who has written countless amazing books.  This is perfect for Halloween and all the children that you know.  It is short enough that my three year old will sit through it but lively enough to keep my six year olds attention as well.

Don't be scared...just get enough copies to go around!

Oct 11, 2010

Skeleton Bones & Goblin Groans

I love fun short poems and this book is FULL of them!  It is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit!

Karen Dismukes has done a fantastic job with the illustrations.  They are very unique and make me stop after reading each page so I can get a better look.

Amy E. Sklansky has put together a bunch of quick fun poems.  You can read as many or as few as you want, but I recommend MANY!

What better way to end a day with a quick spooky poem?

Oct 1, 2010

Skeleton Hiccups

Woo-hoo!  It is finally the month of OCTOBER which means I can promote my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!  I waited all week to post so that it wouldn't seem weird that I was recommending a Halloween book in September.

In all honesty this was not my favorite book for the first three nights I had to read it.  In fact I actually told my kids that they had to pick a different book on the fourth night!  Can you believe that?!  I also was wondering to myself why it was that they loved this book SO much!  I felt like by the end of the book I was developing a case of hiccups from saying "hic, hic, hic" so many times and I could not get enthused about it. 

Then...something amazing happened!  I had all the kids in pajamas, teeth brushed, no screaming involved and I felt like I could conquer the world.  So when my youngest grabbed Skeleton Hiccups I agreed to read it.  I found out that magical night of all nights that there is a bit of a song in this book if you say it right.  I even got the kids joining in on the chorus for the "hic, hic, hic's"!  Now it is my favorite book to read and we read it every night.  Me reading the words and the kids yelling...yep, you guessed it..."HIC, HIC, HIC!"

I am not looking forward to having to take this one back to the library.  Margery Cuyler is my hero now for writing such a fun book.  She has several other books out as well.  Check out her site to see her other books and pictures of her "haunted house".  S.D. Schindler did a great job with the illustrations.  I especially like this one...
So go grab Skeleton Hiccups and a glass of water (just in case)!