Aug 9, 2010

Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken

This is no ordinary chicken adventure (chickens crossing the road don't count) this is a chicken's adventures on the high seas, the high wire, and victim of high crimes.  There are four chapters and we read one a night and my kids couldn't wait until the next night so they could hear more about Louise!

Kate DiCamillo is the well known author of the Tale of Desperaux and many others.  She even has a new book coming out this fall.  These chapters are short and action packed!  Everything you need to survive and even enjoy a children's book.

Harry Bliss is an extremely talented artist and these pictures are outstanding!  I love the colors and the details.  My kids are pointing at so many things that they love on each page I have a hard time reading around their little fingers.

Join Louise on her adventures and you too will have the deep and dreamless sleep of a true adventurer!

Aug 5, 2010

Super Duck

This was my recent favorite from our pile of books that we brought home from the library.  I know you've all heard about the Duck books and it is all good!  This one is as fun to read as the rest.  Plus my two year old has developed a bad habit of dancing and jumping around the room while I read bedtime stories lately and this one he ACTUALLY SAT THROUGH!  (Sorry for the caps lock but it was an exciting moment for me!)

Jez Alborough has a kagillion books out there and you can find a list of them on his website.  I love the illustrations and the stories are short and they rhyme...I really can't think of a single reason you won't like these books.

I'm going to put on my Super Duck cape and try to unpack atleast three more boxes before I go to bed!  Goodnight and enjoy!