Nov 9, 2009


This book is simply FABAWESOMAZING! (I couldn't pick just one word to describe its coolness so you got three in one)  I could read this book over and over and love it more everytime.  It is so well written and the pictures are incredible.

The author, Amanda Noll, is super gifted.  I have reviewed a fair amount of books so far but without a doubt this one is beyond IMPRESSIVE.  Amanda Noll did a fantastic job of creating hilariously scary monsters.  I first looked at the small print and thought, uh-oh my two year old is never going to sit through this.  Guess what?  He sat through it, it didn't feel nearly as long as it was, and I was SAD, yes SAD, when it was over.  I can't remember the last time I loved a kids book so much that I wanted to take it from my kids and go sit in a cozy corner and read it on my own.

The illustrator, Howard McWilliam, is also very gifted.  The picture where the little boy is explaining that he needs a monster with claws is one of my favorites because it just so much character to the already amazing characters.

Tonight when I read this again to my five and three year old, we got to the end and Sydney, the oldest, said, "Mom that's scary!"
I asked, "What?!"
"The monsters are scary."
So we went back through all the pictures and laughed at how SILLY the monsters really are, if you look closely.  As we were doing this my son fell asleep.  We got to the last monster and Sydney was laughing.  Ryan woke up and said, "Mom, show me all the monsters again."  Then flopped back down on the pillow and promptly fell back to sleep.

So the overall consensus is, by the end of the day 4 out of 4 LOVED this book.  The real question is:

What is the name of the monster under your bed?

My monster's name is Lacey...cuz girls have to have a girl monster :)!

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