Oct 27, 2011

Zombie in Love

The ghosts of Halloween would haunt me for sure if I failed to share this awesome book with you during the season of all spookiness.  I was openly laughing in Barnes and Noble today as I was reading this.  All the little kids that walked by were laughing at the crazy laughing lady (ME!).

So this is totally unheard of for me to post a book that I haven't tried out on my kids first.  I have come to peace with this fact and I think you should too.  Here is why, how many STUPID books do we sit through because our kids are allowed to pick out whatever they want at their local or school libraries?  So if we randomly read a children's book for no other reason than it is fun for us, than I say it is our priveledge, nay RIGHT, to do so!

(Climbing off my soap box) I think this book should be to Halloween what Twas the Night Before Christmas is to Christmas.  Okay maybe that is going a little overboard but it is awesome!  I dare you not to crack a smile when you read his singles ad in the newspaper!

Kelly Dipucchio is an incredible author!  She also writes one of my other favorite books, Alfred Zector Book Collector, which if it is not on here already, it will be soon.  Scott Campbell does an excellent job with the illustrations!  He makes zombies comical and only a little gross instead of the true terrors that they are.

Since Halloween is more about the treats than the tricks I'm adding a little treat from the book below.  Enjoy! 

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  1. If you tried out it on your children, I am totally calm to try out on my own!) Thanks a load for the precious information!